About Card Clone Sydney

At Card Clone Sydney, we provide our customers with affordable copies of their access key cards / access key fobs. Don’t pay fees of $100+ for a spare key fob copy.

Unlike key cutting services, we are a technology company. The benefit for you is we can usually decrypt your access card to make a duplicate, unlike other services. It is more likely that we can clone your card.

We can also convert your access card into a key fob copy which is more convenient. Our clones come in key fob form which is far more convenient than a key card. You can attach them to your house or car keys for easy accessibility.

Card Clone Sydney provides easy online bookings on our website where you can book services 24/7. You can choose a service, (Meet in CBD or Call Out Service).
You can also choose a time that is convenient for you for the booking.
We can come out to your location to copy your access card or key fob. We also offer a walk in service near Railway Square in Sydney.

We can copy most type of building access / appartment access / office access cards and fobs. If we cannot copy your access card, you will not be charged. We also provide a specialised service where we can come to your building location and scan the card and card reader to decrypt your card. We can than make of key fob copy from this information. This service is only available for some types of cards.