What To Do When You Lose Your Door Entry Fob and Need a Copy

Losing the keys to your home or car is something that most people dread. Back in the day, before electronic door fobs were commonplace, this usually meant a call or a trip to the locksmith to get a duplicate key made. However, nowadays, whenever you need a door fob copy, it’s almost an impossible task to get the entry fobs you need simply to access your property. Thankfully, there is a convenient alternative available when you contact Card Clone Sydney, a service that can securely provide you with the duplicate entry fobs you need.

What You Should Know About Getting Replacement Entry Fobs

RFID door entry fobs are a convenient way to ensure secure entry to your property. However, given their small size, they are also very easy to lose. Additionally, different key fobs are manufactured using different RFID standards, making it difficult to get a new one made without consulting a professional. So, what should you do if you find yourself without the fobs that you need to enter your apartment?

Many people assume that when they lose their door entry fob, they will have to go through a lengthy waiting process and pay a lot to get a key ring fob replacement made. And unless you already have duplicate door entry fobs on hand, you may even find yourself locked out of your own apartment!

Rather than panic, you can contact a trusted and licensed locksmith who can create a door entry fob copy for you within the same day. At Card Clone Sydney, we provide a convenient call-out service for those stuck in an emergency situation – If you have purchased our KeySafe service beforehand. Or you can meet us in either Sydney CBD on weekdays or Broadway Shopping Center on Saturdays.

Before you call out for our services, make sure that you are allowed to get your door fob copy made within the license and agreements of whatever contract you may have signed with your strata company. While this may require that you speak with a landlord or someone else first, it will ensure that you feel confident that you are getting your replacement done correctly.

Get New Door Entry Fobs from Card Clone Sydney

Card Clone Sydney offers an affordable door fob copying service from a licensed locksmith that you can trust. We are capable of cloning door fobs of various types and brands, all at a reasonable price. We base our rates on the security levels of your door entry fobs, with standard security fob replacement starting at just $45 for your first copy. We also provide a KeySafe Data Storage service that keeps a copy of your fob’s data, allowing you to download a new copy quickly should you ever need another duplicate fob again in the future.

There’s no reason why you should have to wait for weeks or pay too much for a replacement door fob. Contact Card Clone Sydney whenever you need a hand getting into your apartment or other property with the door fob clone you need. Book online with us today to get started.