How to Duplicate or Clone Your Door Access Card in Sydney

RFID and other forms of proximity technology have revolutionised the way that many of us access our homes and businesses. While this secure form of radio-frequency-based entry is trusted by many, it can also come with its downsides. Chief among these is the fact that getting a duplicate access card in Sydney when you need it the most can be expensive and highly inconvenient unless you know who to trust. At Card Clone Sydney, we provide a quick and affordable alternative for getting the duplicate door access card that you need, made by a licensed and professional locksmith.

The Challenges of Getting a Duplicate Access Card

Say you’ve lost your access card or you would like to get a duplicate made so that your friends or family can enter your property whenever they’d like. For many people, reaching out to their landlord or trying to contact the manufacturer about this issue can cause a major headache. It’s also no mean feat to try and DIY a duplicate card, unless you are interested in investing in expensive, specialised equipment that may require a computer science degree to use, especially if your access card has high-security features put in place. For a better alternative, you can contact Card Clone Sydney to get a clone made of your door access card anywhere in Sydney.

After booking an appointment online or using our secure mail-in service, Card Clone Sydney can work with a wide range of compatible door access card types to create an exact duplicate of your existing card. We can also keep a copy of your card on file with our KeySafe Data Storage plan, making it easier to get additional copies of your card made should you need more in the future.

Allow the Professionals To Clone Your Access Card in Sydney

Card Clone Sydney is a licensed door access card duplicating service that many have come to trust. We are available seven days a week and can create exact copies of both standard and high-security card types from a variety of manufacturers, allowing us to clone just about any access card for your Sydney apartment or other property.

Our services and rates are extremely affordable. While some people have reported having to spend as much as $100 or more for a replacement fob or access card from another provider, we offer our card duplication services for standard security cards for as low as $45. As a technology company rather than a traditional locksmith, we can decrypt and clone cards effectively and provide a convenient same-day service that is perfect for busy professionals who just need a duplicate access card for their Sydney apartment without any extra hassle.

Allow Card Clone Sydney to take the headache out of getting a clone of your door access card in Sydney. When you book with us online today, you can enjoy the benefits of receiving your new card on the same day for a reasonable price that you can afford. With our services, we make it so that you and those you trust can access your property easier than ever before.