An Easier Way To Make a Duplicate Copy of an Apartment Key Fob

When making a copy of an apartment key fob, duplication can be the biggest source of aggravation. Depending on your apartment lease agreement, you may be asked to pay a lot of money to get an additional copy of your fob or an apartment fob replacement.

Confirm your key fob or card format is compatible with our service by viewing our list, or sending a photo for identification.

Choose our Sydney CBD or Maroubra location to get your key cloned, or choose our Call Out Service (fee applies). It only takes 5 minutes to clone you a copy!

Not in Sydney? Mail in your card / fob for 2 business day turnaround.

We offer a speedy, reliable access card copy service – Hassle of your apartment managers.

Our Services

• A call out services – We can come to you and clone your apartment fob on the spot.
• You can come to us to copy your key fob – Located within the Sydney CBD.
• Book your service online.
• Mail in – Mail your apartment key to us and we ca duplicate your card. Mail in turnaround is typically around two business days.

We Offer a Unique Way To Duplicate Your Apartment Key Fob

As an innovator in the key fob duplication industry, we offer an exciting data housing package that enables us to retain your data safely should you need it again. This method, which we call KeySafe, is a protected and secure technique wherein we retain a copy of your unique key details on file.

This service is an excellent way for us to keep your distinct keycard information sealed and accessible in the event that you require another copy. We offer this sealed information service for our client’s peace of mind and seek to help our clients avoid the high costs associated with duplicating high security key fobs or the hassle of duplicating a fob if all key fobs are missing.

For example, in the unfortunate event that you lose each of your key copies, we can easily download the distinctive data from your previous order to re-create duplicate access keys. It’s an excellent backup plan that will provide you with a cost-effective way to avoid losing your bond and incurring another large duplication fee.

Get Quick Apartment Access Using Duplication Services in Sydney

Many folks aren’t aware that we can copy about 90% of key fobs in the Sydney area. Our knowledgeable professionals and online services allow you to search for your specific type of key fob online to see how we can assist you.

We are proud to be a trusted and licensed locksmith with many positive customer reviews. Our services include replacement copy services, a wide range of compatible cards, easy online booking, a mail-in service and expedited services for emergency lock-outs, provided you have purchased our KeySafe service previously. Give us a call today on 0456 427 585 and one of our friendly staff members will work with you to choose the service that is appropriate for your needs.

During the Sydney lockdown we are only accepting mail-in orders.