An Affordable Way to Obtain a Duplicate Door Access Card in Sydney

Have you ever been locked out of your apartment or lost your security access card entirely? For many, this can be quite a frustrating experience, especially if the weather is inclement or you are merely in a hurry to get inside.

An even more significant hindrance is the excessive expense of having to pay a service to replace your key fob mechanism. Depending upon your contract with your building owner or Strata, you may be quoted as much as $100 for a duplicate door access card, and then you could wait up to two weeks before you receive a duplicate access card. Why put yourself through that hassle?

At Card Clone Sydney, we offer cost-effective, reliable alternatives to the standard duplicate door access card services in Sydney. Also, we make getting a duplicate key card or fob stress-free by providing on-the-spot card copying services, instant online bookings, and mail-in orders as well as online scheduling.

Licensed Locksmith Provides Sydney Residents with Affordable Duplicate Access Cards in Sydney

A feeling of safety is one of the many privileges of residing in a secure apartment building. What many don’t expect is misplacing or needing a second key card to access their space. As a licensed locksmith, we provide our clients with an elevated sense of security and safety. We offer a reliable key fob and access card copying service at a fraction of the cost for the average duplicating processes.

Also, we provide copying services for even the most secure types of keys, access cards and fobs. Our access card copying service can copy access cards and key fobs within the two main groups to include the ‘Standard Security’ or ‘High-Security.’ We offer duplication services for the higher security keys which are more difficult to copy as they encompass an encryption that is not easy to replicate.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals have developed the unique hardware and software required to copy the higher security key cards. We offer the most extensive variety of compatible cards and the convenience of same day service. At last, clients have an alternative to waiting days, weeks, or months for a duplicate swipe card.

Local Business Offers Convenient Mail-in Service for Key Card Copies

Are you seeking a second access card to your apartment, to allow guests to come and go as they please, or just as a backup in case you lose your primary key? When people are looking to make a copy their electronic apartment access keys, they can now rely on a trusted and reliable duplication service without the exorbitant expense.

We support several brands and formats of access key fobs and cards. Our website is user-friendly and makes it simple to discover if our system supports your specific key card. Then, it’s easy to place your order online, make an appointment to have your access card copied on site, or just mail in your order. Check out our innovative, dependable, and professional services today to find out why our clients are giving us positive reviews.