Do You Use an HID Proximity Card to Enter Your Building? Card Clone Sydney Can Create Inexpensive Duplicates with Its Copy Software

Living in an apartment building that uses HID proximity cards for entry through gates, doors or common areas is pretty handy. The strata company in charge of your building wants to provide high-quality security while still giving you the convenience of a simple swipe to get into your residence. An HID proximity card is just another piece of technology that has evolved, offering an easy-to-use system for keyless entry. With a shape like any other card you’d find in your wallet, these cards are portable and unobtrusive when in your pocket. However, the lightweight portability of these cards makes them easy to misplace or lose, which is why you should always keep a proximity card copy in a safe location where you can easily get to it.

If your strata company only gave you a single HID proximity card, it is possible to make a copy. Unfortunately, going through strata to get it may take a week or two, causing you a lot of inconvenience. Fortunately, there’s a much faster option for obtaining a proximity card clone. At Card Clone Sydney, we provide key card and fob duplication using our proprietary software. Thanks to our software, we’re able to make you a clone of your HID card in five minutes from one of our Sydney locations. No need to wait a week or two to get your copy.

Benefits of Having a Proximity Card Copy

It’s never a bad idea to have a spare copy of your proximity card or key fob. It makes life that much easier and less stressful if you ever happen to lose or misplace your original card. We’ve all done it: absentmindedly left our key on a table at a restaurant or had it fall out of our pocket without noticing. If you don’t have a clone of your card, you’ll have to deal with unwanted expenses and headaches. If you do have a copy, losing one of your cards is not a big deal at all.

Having additional cards for entry into your building makes having company come to stay a lot easier as well. If you have family coming to stay with you for the holidays, you’ll want them to have a way in and out of your building, even while you’re at work or school. If you only have a single HID card from your strata company, you’ll have to coordinate with your family to ensure they’re back at your residence when you need to get inside. It turns into a stressful situation. If you have copies made, you can just give them to your family so that they can come and go as they please.

Quick and Convenient

At Card Clone Sydney, we aim to offer a quick and convenient cloning service for your HID proximity card. We know that this process should not take more than five minutes, and with us, it doesn’t.

If you’re in the Sydney area, you’ll find us operating from a York Street location on weekdays and Broadway Shopping Centre on Saturdays. On the weekends, we also offer a call-out service and there’s even a mail-in option if you’re not in the immediate area. To book an appointment, just head to our easy-to-use booking page.