Get a Mifare Classic Card Clone for Less Money

When you move into a new apartment, your new landlord or body corporate will typically hand you a key card or key fob for accessing the building or unit. Unfortunately, you will often only get one or two of these cards, which can be a problem in certain situations. Maybe you have three people living in the apartment but were only given two key cards or fobs. Perhaps you want to give a friend, family member or significant other a copy of your key but just have one card or fob. If your apartment uses the Mifare Classic card, Card Clone Sydney can provide a Mifare Classic clone at an extremely affordable price.

Getting a Second Key: Your Options

Why would you need a clone of your Mifare card, you may ask? Surely your landlord or body corporate would be sympathetic to your situation and more than willing to make you a second or third card?

In most cases, you can get your hands on a copy of your card, but at a price. Some landlords or bodies corporate will charge more than $150 to provide a copy of the key card for your property. The price suggests that the process of cloning and copying these keys is extremely complex or time-consuming. Neither of these suggestions would be true, which is why Card Clone Sydney provides customers with an option that is both faster and more reasonably priced.

At Card Clone Sydney, we make it easy to get a Miface clone (or a clone for virtually any other type of key card or key fob). Our pricing is either $45 or $70 for the first copy of your key, depending on the level of security and encryption on your key. Mifare cards fall into the high-security category, so plan on a price of $70 for your first copy. We also offer bargain pricing for second and third copies of your key (and so on). For a high-security key, such as a clone of the Mifare Classic 1K, your second key is $60, and any additional keys are $50 apiece. For a standard security key, your second key is $40, while your third key and beyond will only run you $30 respectively.

These prices are considerably less than you would pay your landlord or body corporate for identical service. Furthermore, we are incredibly quick about it. Where your landlord might have other things to do, this service is the core of our business. If you need to clone your key fob or key card and live in the Sydney or Maroubra area, give us a call. We are a mobile business, which means we will book a time with you and then come to you. The actual cloning process only takes five minutes, which means you can have a fresh, functional key card by later the same day. If you live outside Sydney, you can just mail your key to us, and we will send back both the original and a clone, free of charge.

Clone Your Mifare Card Today

Don’t spend $150 or $200 to get a second copy of your apartment key card. Instead, call Card Clone Sydney today for a more reasonably priced Mifare Classic clone. Get in touch today to learn more about what we do or to book a time for a card cloning.