Do You Need an RFID Fob Copy? We offer Quick and Easy RFID Card Clone in Sydney.

If your apartment building requires a key fob to get in and out of the premises, you likely appreciate having the additional security that these devices provide. The downside of this extra layer of security is the fact that it can create a significant source of inconvenience

What is a RFID Card and how does it work?
• RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.
• This is the type of technology used to identify you as the user to access control system of a building.
• The actual key fob or card has no battery, but is powered by the radio waves sent out by the reader.
• Once the RFID chip is inside the RFID card, it is powered up by this reader.
• Then it replies with a unique code stored inside the RFID chip – It is this code that identifies you to the access control system which then makes a decision on whether to open the door.

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At Card Clone Sydney we are able to copy your key by using the same method to retrieve the code from your RFID card. Our special equipment intercepts the code and reads it. This then allows us to reprogram a new key with the same code onto a blank key, fob or card. Therefore the access control system will respond in the same way as the original as it replies with the same code. There are some different technologies with different security levels used in Sydney, however our equipment can intercept most codes from keys.

Reasons You May Need a Clone RFID Fob

There are many circumstances in which you might need a duplicate RFID Fob.

• If you live with flatmates – wouldn’t it be far more convenient for everyone to have their own fob? also have
• Friends, relatives or caregivers who come over frequently, and you may not wish to part with your only RFID card just to let them enter.

These are just some of the instances in which having an RFID card copy available for your Sydney apartment may make sense. Rather than paying exorbitant fees for duplicate keys, or having to wait weeks to receive your new fob, you can have a clone made of your RFID fob in Sydney on the same day that you order.

Where To Clone RFID Fob’s in Sydney

We make getting an RFID fob clone made in Sydney easy. You can either sign up for an instant online booking and arrange a time to meet in the Sydney CBD during the week (or in Maroubra on Saturdays) or you can opt for our call-out service where we can meet you wherever you may be. Additionally, we provide a secure mail-in option where you can send in the key that you would like to have duplicated.

Don’t deal with the headache of not having enough RFID fobs for your apartment and stop shelling out more money than you need to get a copy of your RFID fob made in Sydney.