1. Due to strata and security NSW laws we require you to sign an engagement agreement before we will copy your key. This agreement clarifies you have legal permission to copy the key. We will send this to your email upon booking. It must be signed online before your appointment.
  2. We take no responsibility for your pass being blocked or otherwise deactivated after using our services. (When your access is suspended at the end of a lease etc.) Our cloned cards are an absolute identical copy as far as the access system is concerned.
  3. Our 100% money back guarantee does not cover deactivation of the copy due to your original key being altered by the building management. We have no control over this as we can only copy the data that is on the key at the time of copy. This includes keys being re-issued or equipment upgrades by the building management.
  4. Our 100% money back guarantee does not cover physical damage of the card/fob caused directly or indirectly by the client. We will only replace when the card has no signs of physical damage and is genuinely faulty.
  5. Cloning your deactivated original card will not make your cloned card work since it is an exact copy.
  6. Due to the large range and technologies of cards and fobs, we cannot guarantee all copies will work. 95% of the copies we make function as expected. However if it does not upon the first test (not including if it gets deactivated at a later date, or any conditions in clause 3 apply), we can try and rectify the problem. If we cannot rectify the problem, a full refund (less travel fee) will be given.
  7. Spare copies of cards / fobs must be ordered at time of original clone, as the spare copy price would not be valid at a later date. This is because we would require a re-read of the original since we don’t keep a copy of key data, therefore attracting the 1st clone price.
  8. ‘Extra Copy’ only refers to identical copy of the same original. Different originals are considered a new ‘Card Clone’.
  9. All bookings are subject to change should the need arise. We may need to change a booking time. We will advise you if this happens. No compensation for changed time will be given.
  10. Depending on distance, we charge a call out fee. This fee is non refundable.​
  11. We don’t keep a copy of your key data unless requested.
  12. We can clone 90% of cards. We will ask for photos of the card and reader to estimate whether we can clone your card. If your card cannot be cloned, you will not be charged (less any call out fees).
  13. Please contact us for any further information.

Mail In TermsIt is your responsibility to check your card/fob matches one of our compatible formats before sending. If unsure if we can copy your card/fob, please see our compatible key formats page or send us a photo before ordering.

  1. If we are unable to copy your card/fob, we will refund you less the return delivery charge.
  2. We take no responsibility for lost or damaged items in postage. Our postal address is a secure PO box. We strongly suggest sending your items using registered / tracked post.
  3. We require a signature upon return delivery for your added security.
  4. We will aim to post back your items on the same business day, however it may take up to 2 business days due to high demand.
  5. We use next business day express postage to return your cards/fobs. We are not responsible for any delays after posting your items.
  6. The cloned cards/fobs may not be in an identical format (appearance) as the original. We sometimes use generic fobs due to the wide range. Please ask us about your card/fob before sending for clarification.
  7. We test the cloned card/fob before sending back. If the received copies do not work, send them back for a refund.